New Review Policy

We will be strictly enforcing a new policy regarding how we might make informed and appropriate general recommendations and/or any attorney recommendations.   Since a review and consultation is required in order to obtain details of your case or situation and make appropriate recommendations, there will be a pre-paid fee to the organization for that service.  We will not make “blind” referrals to attorneys.  The attorneys we might recommend are not pro bono or “cheap” attorneys.

For those accused or a designated person acting on the accused’s behalf, an “Accused Intake Form” must be filled out and sent to us prior to any discussion of case specifics and/or possbile attorney recommendation along with debit/credit card information for this service.  Accused Intake Form

For attorneys who are looking for either case specific advice or recommedation to an expert for their case, there will be a fee for non-expert related advice/trial preparation/strategy and/or a separate fee for each expert referral.  An “Attorney Intake Form” must be filled out and sent to us prior to any discussions as well as debit/credit card information .  A link to the form will be available soon.

Recent Entries

The Falsely Accused and Attorneys who represent them

March 1, 2012

This site is dedicated to those who have been falsely accused of some type of child abuse and for the attorneys who represent them. The National Innocence Project has exonerated, based upon DNA evidence, hundreds of persons who were convicted […]