Divorce/Custody Proceedings + Child Molestation Proceedings= False Convictions

Studies show that the majority of child Sexual Molestation accusations that are claimed in child custody disputes are false. Look at this article/blog for the studies. Think about it, it makes sense. If you are desperate to keep your children, as most people understandably are, and are worried that they will be taken away from you, would you do the one thing that you knew would allow you to keep them? Facing allegations that a parent has molested or abused a child, what publicly elected official is going to grant any sort of custody to that parent? Exactly, no judge. That parent is straight-up out of luck.

However, once charges are brought against that parent based on these false claims, not only have they lost the right to see their children, but they are risking spending the rest of their life in prison. But, there are ways to fight these false accusations. It is important to find professionals who are experienced in defending against these false allegations.

David M Cantor is a sex crimes lawyer out of Phoenix Arizona and is a Supporting Member of the NCADRC.

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  1. Josh Campbell says:

    my daughter is going on 13 and in 7th grade, she rides the public school bus to school and another child on the bus made up a story saying I (the father) am touching my daughter just to get a rise out of my daughter and now someone at the school was told and dcs is now accusing me of sexual assault and I would never even think of such a thing. why would they believe a made up story from another 11 or 12 year old child? they told my wife and kid to leave the house and Im here frightened and not knowing what to do.. I need some guidance on what my rights are because we went through all this not even 11 months ago with several false allegations of being bad parents and unclean home with no electricity etc. everything neglectful you could imagine. after 9 months of parental and drug classes and drug testing each week and 3 different people coming to my home each week and my kid seeing a child therapist we were all cleared by a judge but here we go again not even a year later with more false claims by a child and Im scared this time due to the severity of the allegations. help please. what should I do?

    • admin says:

      Dear Josh,
      You need a good lawyer. You are right to be scared. Call the office for the name of a referral if you do not already have a lawyer. Our number is 419-865-0513. As you can understand we cannot give legal advice as we are not lawyers. We can however, give you suggestions to talk to your attorney about.

    • admin says:

      Email sent

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