The Falsely Accused and Attorneys who represent them

This site is dedicated to those who have been falsely accused of some type of child abuse and for the attorneys who represent them.

The National Innocence Project has exonerated, based upon DNA evidence, hundreds of persons who were convicted of atrocious crimes including capital murder and/or rape. A large number of those persons had confessed to crimes they did not commit. Considering that most cases of child abuse do not involve DNA evidence, one can only guess at the number of people in prison that are innocent. The fact that a person has been accused or charged and, possibly, convicted of the crime does not mean that they were guilty of the crime. There are many reasons for this phenomena that are touched upon in this site.

In the large percent of sexual abuse cases, there is no physical evidence or eyewitnesses. Medical exams are routinely “normal”. Yet, people are still convicted based upon a complainant and hearsay/vouching testimony by so-called “experts”. Especially disturbing are the cases where repeated, penile pentration was alleged, yet the medical exam was “normal” with what is considered an “intact” hymen.

In alleged Shaken Baby and other alleged physical abuse cases, there is seldom a search for an “equally competing hypothesis” for causation of any injuries. In most cases, the presumption is made that the injurie(s) were non-accidental and therefore must have been inflicted by someone. What is not commonly known is that in many of these cases, there is a gigantic dispute among medical experts as to whether a particular injury was accidental versus non-accidental or whether there is some non-abusive cause of the condition or injury.

The search for the truth regarding a child abuse allegation involves “The Law, the Science, the Myths, the Reality”. No one wants a guilty child abuser to go unpunished. On the other hand, there is a sentiment in the general public that it is “better to err on the side of safety” which translates into that “it is better to convict 10 innocent people to make sure we get the one guilty person”. That is, unless they are the person accused or a family member or friend.

Justice can be served when people educate themselves on the issues involved and let reason, rather than emotion, rule the day. We seek justice not only for real victims, but for those who have been ajudged a child abuser when they have not abused anyone.

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446 Responses to The Falsely Accused and Attorneys who represent them

  1. charles says:

    I was convicted of a crime I did not committ. I was visiting my mom in Oklahoma I was there for about a month when a 16 and 17 year old girls made up a story on me I was 24 and lived in Virginia my whole life. Ottawa county oklahoma I was just making jokes about the 17 year old and the age up with some story that I had broke in there house while they were asleep sexually assaulting one and rape by instrumentation on the other (finger). None of these things happened so I take it to trial and the only evidence was just their word. my public pretender caught one of the girls in a lie so they found me not guilty of burglary and sexual assault but found me guilty of rape by instrumentation. How is this possible if they knew they were lying and there word was the only evidence. I wanted to get on the stand but lawyer said it would be a bad idea since I wasn’t from there and I had an accent. I was in jail for about a month when I got in a fight in the jail because of the bogus charges and the guy died so I got a manslaughter charge the guy that died family tested to sure the jail and I hadn’t even been to court for original charges it was self defense and I took it to trial and our was a hung jury by this time I had already been charged with the rape the da came up to me ayer the verdict and said we already got you on the rape and we will get you on this one 30 years he said. Heinto taking a plea bargain for man2 4 more years added on to the 5 that I received for the rape I need help this is wrong if I would have never been in jail for something I didn’t do that guy would still be alive please help me I had 9 years to serve and only Did 3 years 364 days for good behavior I had never been in any real trouble by until I went to visit my mom Please I’m on my hands and knees Where s my justice

    • admin says:

      Dear Charles,
      If you are incarcerated have your family call us. If you are not incarcerated, feel free to give us a call. Your case is too complicated for a discussion on a blog.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Director
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

  2. patience says:

    My son has been in the care of his father since august 31st and he has been abused and brain washed into saying that i did it my father who is a pastor my sister my fiance and i were all there at the hand off of my son and he was fine. no marks what so ever. My son had bruises on his face and strangulation marks on his neck and 7 welts on his bottom. i took a lie detector test that i passed stating i have never abused my son . My son is stating that i did it. Social services is having me charged with child abuse of my 3 1/2 year old son. he is so scared i have had supervised visits with him which i have recorded sylas saying he is telling them the truth and of the abuse he is enduring there i have recordings of my son stating the abuse with the social worker in the room and nothing happens. i have begged for the state to take my son into custody because he is not safe in the care of his father. i feel as though the police is harrassing me becasue today i was being accused of using a stolen gift card in my town and a town near by i seen the video it was not me the officer told me that he has no doubt it was my fiance and I. I went home and looked at calanders and called into my place of employment and i was at work one of the days and my father was in town helping me move. but one officer that is dealing with the child abuse case said for certain that it was my fiance and i. i am at a loss, no one will listen and i dont know what to do but my little boy is not safe

    • admin says:

      Dear Patience,
      You need to talk to a lawyer. There are a lot of difficulties when someone accused of abuse brings up abuse allegations and you should be guided by competent counsel. Do not give up your original recordings to anyone but your lawyer and make sure you retain a copy for yourself.

      Kim Hart
      Exec. Dir.
      National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

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